Excuse the topic of this post, but sometimes we just have to write about…poop.
Although we still don’t know what might be troubling Kelly, she seems to be improving. She’s eating well and acting comfortable. Yesterday I waited all day to check her stool sample (I know, fun) but she wouldn’t oblige. Finally, success! And there didn’t appear to be any blood. The same story today. Usually she has to “go” once or twice even every time I take her for a walk. Well, I got a good workout, walking her again and again and again. She didn’t produce much, but from what I saw, there was no blood. I’m a bit worried about the lack of quantity now. Perhaps it can be chalked up to her new bland diet…medication…stress…performance anxiety? Anyway, she seems to be doing well and I’m feeling confident she’ll recover fully. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and support.