I can’t wait to show you pictures from our weekend outing with Kelly. But first, Peggy’s Pet Place has a new look! I’m excited by the new colors and size. (Please bear with me as I tweak.)

Now, back to the family outing. We took Kelly with us to tour the Sculpture in the Streets in downtown Albany NY. A city, even a fairly small one like Albany, can be intimidating to a little dog. But I think she had a great time.

The statues, by American artist Seward Johnson, are life-sized bronze sculptures of ordinary people in everyday activities. The fun part is that, from a distance, pedestrians or motorists passing by might be tricked into thinking the statues are real!

Join us on the tour:

“I’m trying to be good and stay for my picture, but there is so much to see here.”

“Enough yakking ladies. Can’t we get up and play in the park?”

“Nope. Nothing good in the news today.”

“Okay, but don’t come at me with those huge clippers!

“You don’t mind if I read over your shoulder do you?”

We hope you enjoyed the sculptures. Are there statues like this in your community? If not, come visit Albany! The sculptures will be on display through October.