Vote for me!

Today, Election Day, Kelly has a fun quiz for you. She’s running for Mayor of Dawgland and has come up with these campaign slogans. See if you can figure out which real presidential candidates’ campaign slogans best coincide with Kelly’s. Have fun!

1. Tippecanoe and Kelly too!

2.  Free Soil, Free Labradors, Free Barks and Free Dogs

3.  Don’t Swap Dogs in the Middle of an Agility course

4.  A Full Dinner Bowl

5.  Keep Kool with Kelly

6.  A Bone in every Bowl, a Tennis Ball in every Yard

7.  Not Just Doggie Treats

8.  Kinder, Gentler Spaniel

9.  Leave No Dawg Behind

10.  Yes Dogs Can!

Answers below.  Just highlight each line to reveal the answers! They’ll appear like magic!

1. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too– William Henry Harrison, 1840

2.  Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free Men and Fremont- John C. Fremont, 1856

3.  Don’t Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream – Abraham Lincoln 1864

4. A Full Dinner Pail– William McKinley 1900

5.  Keep cool with Coolidge – Calvin Coolidge, 1924

6. A Chicken in Every Pot, A Car in Every Garage – Herbert Hoover, 1928

7. Not Just Peanuts – Jimmy Carter, 1976

8. Kinder, Gentler Nation- George Bush, 1988

9. Leave No Child Behind – George W. Bush, 2000

10. Yes We Can! – Barack Obama, 2008

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