Today, Guest Blogger Kate Fenner and her kitty Cinnamon take on Big Orange Fish and Lazy Lady Bug with this pet toy review. Imperial Cat generously provided the toys from their Cat ‘N Around collection.

Kate: A few days ago I received a mysterious package in the mail. I had a suspicion it contained the much-anticipated Imperial Cat toys even before I opened the package, because I heard the contents jingling. So did Cinnamon! Just after I opened it, she moseyed into the living room to check things out.

Inside were two adorable toys, one shaped like a fish, and the other like a ladybug. Each has a little bell inside, which makes a light jingling noise when tossed around. Both are filled with feline friendly organic catnip.

When I first opened the envelope, the scent of catnip was extremely strong. However, once being removed from the envelope and tossed around the house by Cinnamon, it didn’t bother me anymore. And as you will later see, the scent was not a negative issue for Miss Cinnamon.

When she was a young kitten, Cinnamon didn’t care too much for catnip. But recently, we’ve discovered that she now really enjoys it, both on its own and in toys. So when I placed the toys on the ground, and she started investigating them, I could tell she knew the catnip was there, and she was thrilled!

She had a great time batting both the toys around, rubbing up against them with her head and body, and most amusingly, grabbing one of the toys in her two front paws and then scratching at the toy with her back paws, all while rolling onto her back.

Cinnamon definitely enjoys both of these toys. I think the orange fish tends to get a little more use, simply because it is a little larger of a toy, which makes it easier for her to grasp. These Imperial Cat “Cat ‘n Around” toys have both certainly become welcome additions to her toy box.