Flea and tick season is here, and I wanted to learn everything I can about these critters and how to keep them off my pets. So, this week, during Kwit Yer Itchin’ Week, we’ll do just that!

First, here are some facts about fleas and ticks from webMD:

*there are 2,200 kinds of fleas
*ticks can lie in the grass without feeding for more than a year, just waiting to jump on your pet’s leg (or your own leg!) as you pass by.
*fleas can jump 10,000 times in a row
*fleas and ticks are blood suckers (yuck!)

How your pet contracts fleas:
*neighbor dogs or cats
*infected rugs or bedding
*wildlife (even in urban areas). Your pet doesn’t have to come in contact with wildlife, they can leave behind fleas and flea eggs just by walking through your yard.

Visit again tomorrow and we’ll begin discussing some preventatives and treatments. Bring your questions, too!