Our dogs are part of the family, so they’re sure to be included in holiday festivities. We enjoy hanging stockings for Ernest and Petey. There’s always a tennis ball and some special dog biscuits inside. And they always have a gift or two under the tree. If you’re looking for some special gifts for your dog, or dog loving friends, this year, here are some I recommend. These are all items we use ourselves:


  1. Benebones–These chew toys come in all shapes and sizes. We recently bought the Benebone gift box on Chewy. Pete chews on these for hours at a time. They’re safe for most dogs, won’t splinter or come off in big chunks.

2. Interactive treat dispensing toys-  Some of our favorites are the Kong, Tug-A-Jug and Bob-a-Lot. Puzzle and treat dispensing toys are important for helping reduce separation anxiety in pets, and they keep Pete and Ernest entertained and happy!


  1. Fur Zapper– Having a dog means dealing with dog hair everywhere. The FurZapper is an amazing product to help with this situation. Just drop the reusable sticky disc in your washer and dryer, and it will attract the pet hair and ZAP it off your clothes, towels and blankets. A great last-minute stocking stuffer! I’d never tried this product before, but we were recently provided two packs to review, and now it is one of our must-have pet products. Brilliant!


2. Ruff  and Tumble Coats– If you’re looking for something special and a bit extravagant, get rid of your raggedy old towels and try this easy-on, fitted drying coat. Great for bath time and rainy days, the Ruff and Tumble coat dries wet dogs in minutes. Ours even has a calming effect on our dogs, whenever we put it on them, they lie down and take a nap!

3. Dog Tags-  You can get simple ones, funny ones, and even techie ones with tracking devices. We have bought these beautiful tags from the Copper Poppy on Etsy for many dogs, and recently replaced Pete and Ernest’s tags when we moved.


  1. Art work--Any pet parent will enjoy a print featuring their favorite breed of dog. One of my favorites is artwork s by Iain Welch– I love his art, because it conveys so much emotion in the expressions.  Take a look!

2. Books– I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own books on this list! Here are two that might please your dog-loving friends: Faithfully Yours— full of true stories about the human-animal bond, and The Dog in the Dentist Chair, a book for kids about real animals who help kids.

Ernest, Petey and I wish you a very merry Christmas!

Full Disclosure: All products in this post are items I bought and use myself, except for the FurZapper– two packs were provided for my honest review. Opinions are 100% my own.