Much of the Northeast received a generous fall of snow over the last few days. We got around eight inches here, and single digit temperatures. Me, I’m not a big fan, but Ernest and Pete love romping in the snow, their nice thick fur coats keeping them warm. Pete loves doing zoomies in the deep snow. Ernest is obsessed with eating icicles. They seem to feel friskier and–dare I say–happier when playing in the snow!

They aren’t the only animals enjoying snow. Recently the Smithsonian released this video of giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian playing in the snow! I think of pandas as being very slow and listless, but this proves me wrong! And it’s oh so fun to see!

Then also, the St. Louis Zoo shared this video of the penguins taking a snowy field trip.

So it goes to show that many animals love the snow! What about you? Does your pet have fun in the snow? Or, have you seen an animal in the wild enjoying the snow? Let’s WOOF about it!