As many of you know, I write a column for All Creatures magazine. (And if you aren’t familiar with All Creatures check it out, you’ll find lots of great stories about dogs, cats, wild critters and the people who love and care for them.)  I’ll give you a sneak peak into my next column–it’s about the benefits of pets later in life. (This will be in the May/June column, we work about six months ahead.) I love this topic because I know that year after year, I’ll always want a pet by my side.

Most of the time a professional photographer takes pictures for the magazine, but sometimes we take our own picture to accompany my column. So today we were taking the picture. We chose Ernest as our model, along with my almost-91-year-old mother in law Betty. Aren’t they a cute pair? The picture above is one of the outtakes, I think it’s sweet. Ernest is used to having his picture taken and poses pretty readily. He will sit and wait patiently and hold a pose. The trouble today was that the hardwood floor was slippery and he kept sliding down, so we finally put a mat under him and that helped. He’s also somewhat blind and mostly deaf in his senior years, so it’s a little more difficult to capture his attention. Here’s another outtake from the photo shoot. I was  bribing him with a biscuit, but my hand got in the shot. oops! Usually a biscuit will work in any situation!

Ernest and Pete are pretty good models. What about you? Does your dog like to pose for pictures? Or does he run away at the sight of your camera? Is your cell phone filled with pictures of your dogs?