An article on Go Animals states that talking to our pets is a sign of intelligence. How many of you are saying, “Then I must be brilliant?”

Do you talk to your dog or cat? Actually, I can’t imagine having a pet and not talking to it. The very first words I say every day are not to my husband (sorry honey!) but usually it’s  “Good morning Ernest. Good morning Pete!” I ask my dogs questions like, “Do you have to go out?” or “Is it time for breakfast?” or “Do you want to go for a walk?” Most  pet parents will tell you that their dog responds to these questions, and most of us have to spell out W-A-L-K. Your dog probably jumps and wags his tail when he’s excited about taking a walk, but may run away and hide if you mention B-A-T-H!

Even though our pets don’t talk back in actual human words, there is communication happening. The article states that “people who have conversations with their pets are considered to be of higher intelligence.” I think this is because we are finding a way to relate to animals and make a meaningful connection. When we take this a step further, and interpret our pet’s reactions to what we say, that is when the higher level thinking comes in.

Another reason for talking to our pets is because it makes us feel good. You might come home and tell your parakeet or goldfish all about your day. I think that it doesn’t matter how many words they understand. Your pet just likes to hear your voice. Did you see the pictures people were posting of their dogs (and other pets too) before and after saying “Good Boy!” or “Good Girl!”  Try it with your dog and see! I tried it with Pete:

BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER