How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions? Any of them gone by the wayside yet? It’s pretty easy to start off strong, and then lose steam about now. I can’t say I’ve done real well myself. I need to lose another 10-15 lbs this year. So far, the scales haven’t budged an ounce. I want to commit to taking Kelly out for a walk every day, even in the winter, but the sub-zero temperatures lately have put an end to that for both of us. She just runs out in the yard for a minute then begs to come back in. Today it’s up to a toasty nine degrees.

But there are ways to make sure our resolutions become habits. If you haven’t read Leo Babauta’s fantastic blog yet, make sure you take a look. Zen Habits covers “achieving goals, productivity, being organized, GTD, motivation, eliminating debt, saving, getting a flat stomach, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, parenting, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits.” Who couldn’t use that in their life? The only thing it seems to be missing is dogs.

My daughter Kate introduced me to this blog, and while she’s not what I would typically consider Zen-y, she’s one of the most motivated, organized and together people I know. So Leo’s advice must be working, right?

The best part of Leo’s Zen-like advice centers on the Power of Less. This is where you learn how to do less and get more done. For the new year, he suggests making new habits instead of making resolutions. And, he tells you how to get that done! He also teaches us how to manage email so that we don’t end up wasting countless hours of productive work time reading and writing emails. I’m guilty of that! It is pleasurable. But, where did the day go? Perhaps Leo’s New Year’s Challenge will start you on the right path. See what you think.

I’ve decided that my first goal is to drink more water. I’m focusing on this for the entire month of January. More specifically, after every can of Diet Coke, I’m going to drink a bottle of water before I can earn the next soda. I love Diet Coke. But too much of anything is probably not a good thing. So far, it’s going pretty well. The Power of Less. Less soda. Must be a good thing.

Paws for Reflection: Is there something you can simplify in your life today?