Sometimes there are those little inconveniences, and then someone comes along and invents a product to help solve the problem. Fido
Fashion’s MagneClip® leash
clip might just be the answer to your problem if you have ever 
struggled attaching your dog’s leash to his collar. Does arthritis or weak grip strength make it difficult to operate the traditional spring type clips? Or maybe your hands are full of dog-walking paraphernalia and you are looking for an easier way to snap on the leash? We recently were sent a sample of the MagneClip® leash to test and see if it makes it easier to attach the leash to Kelly and Ike’s collar or harness.

My testers

The Fido Fashion collar has a blue background and cute pawprint design–and there are more fun styles available, such as ducks, bones, or plaid. The matching leash features the MagneClip®. There was no little lever to monkey around with, I just pushed the clip and it opened, then pushed in the ring of the collar and it attached. 

But is it secure? I tugged and pulled, and felt confident that the connection was strong and secure. Then, I took Kelly for a walk using the leash and collar, and the magnetic clip held tight. Removing the leash involved simply pressing on the bottom of the clip.

Bottom line: This leash and collar set is attractive, durable and secure. The MagneClip® makes it easy to attach and is perfect for anyone who struggles with traditional leash attachments. 

Check out the entire line at Fido Fashion.

 Full Disclosure: I was provided with one Fido Fashion collar and one leash with MagneClip to sample. This in no way affected my review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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