Did you love the movie Marley and Me? I enjoyed it thoroughly. I still remember sitting in the theater choking back tears, especially because our own yellow lab, Hudson, had passed away the year before. Now there’s a new Marley movie, and it promises to be a whole lot more upbeat: Marley & Me: The Puppy Years.

Starting tomorrow, fans of “the worst dog ever” will be able to view the prequel, sure to be filled with scenes of adorable puppy Marley captured in adorable–and naughty–puppy antics. I haven’t yet seen the movie, but here is what I consider to be the pros and cons:

Pros: A celebration of yellow lab puppydom!

Pros: More Marley! Who can get enough?

Cons: Talking dogs. While the original Marely & Me didn’t feature talking canines, the prequel does. I’m not sure why they decided to resort to this.

Cons: The movie is only available direct to DVD, which may be an indication that it is not “big enough” to warrant a feature film.

You can get your copy of Marley & Me, the Puppy Years starting tomorrow, exclusively at Walmart. Here’s a peek at the movie trailer: