There’s something hard to resist about a golden retriever. And Dakota exemplifies all their playful, adorable, and incorrigible ways in the book, Dakota: A Work in Progress. I enjoyed this book and all the many amusing situations Dakota gets into in the course of everyday life.

As part of Diversion Press Third Anniversary Event, I’m happy to participate in Dakota, A Work in Progress blog book tour. Author Bill Rosencrans joins us today.

Q: Welcome, Bill. Tell me a little about your book.

Bill: Dakota: A Work in Progress is a very funny book about the world’s most neurotic dog and it is appropriate for all ages. You will be laughing out loud as you read each short story about this one of a kind golden retriever named Dakota. Stanley Coren – author of How Dogs Think and The Intelligence of Dogs wrote “Dakota: A Work in Progress is a cheerful and amusing romp through the life of a manic but sweet and endearing dog. If you love dogs and need a smile this book is for you.”

Q: What makes your book different from other books about dogs?

Bill: As Amy Thompson, editor-in-chief at Diversion Press Inc. so aptly put it “This is not just another book about a dog.” And, she’s right. This is not a book on how to train your dog, or pet care. Far from it. This book is a glimpse into the life my family and I share with a delinquent, but very much loved golden retriever. What also makes this book unique is the way in which it is set-up. Instead of one complete narrative, there are 76 vignettes 1-4 pages in length, making Dakota: A Work in Progress more reader friendly. This book is laugh-out-loud funny, and it makes for a gift book too.

Q: What are Dakota’s best three qualities?

Bill: Even though he is a flawed character, you can’t help but love him.
Other dogs gravitate to him because he is so much fun to be around.
He doesn’t mind sharing his pool with his other dog friends – and he has plenty of them.

Q: What are Dakota’s three worst qualities?

Bill: He’ll burp after eating his food too fast.
He doesn’t realize that it is impolite to stare.
He won’t jump up to get in the back seat of the car. He turns around and gives me that look “Could I have a little help, please?”

Q: You are working on your next book Dakota: Still a Work in Progress. What has Dakota learned between book one and two?

Bill: Wow. That’s a tough one…Hmmm…Oh yeah, he recently started coming to me when I call him, after only five short years of trying to get him to do that. That’s not bad! See, he’s not through learning yet. He’s still a work in progress.

You can order Dakota: A Work in Progress on Amazon, or at your favorite bookstore.