Photo courtesy of Wag the Dog UK

The best gifts are thoughtful words and actions…and that’s the idea behind Something Wagging This Way Comes wonderful Pet Blogger Gift Exchange!  Not only is this a fantastic way for a bunch of pet bloggers to exchange kind words, but it’s also a great way to introduce you to new blogs, and help you discover more about the blogs you already love.

I’d like to introduce you to Wag the Dog UK. Maggie and Trina are your hostesses to this delightful blog. In addition to being attractive, this blog is so useful. You can find information about food, care, and traveling with your dog (Did you know that you can cruise with your dog aboard the cruise ship, the QE2?!)

So, because this is a holiday blog hop, I’m going to wish HAPPY HOLIDAYS to Wag the Dog UK with this acrostic:

H— is for HAPPY, which is the way Maggie the beagle describes herself! I can see why!

A— is for ADVENTURES. Maggie loves to travel, and has lots of tips to help you travel with your pet too.
P–is for PHOTOS. I love the great pictures on the site. One of them even won an award for Best Dog Friendly Travel Photo!
P— is for PRODUCT REVIEWS. Reviews on leashes, tags, travel bowls and more will help you make informed decisions on pet needs.
Y— is for YUMMY. Check out recipes dogs will love for beef stew, chicken soup and pumpkin biscotti!

Photo courtesy of Wag the Dog UK

H-— is for HOTELS. You’ll find information on dog friendly hotels here.
O— is for ooo-la-la. Read about taking your pet to France!
L— is for LIVER BISCUITS. You can find the recipe here!
I– is for ITCHY. Check out Maggie’s video of back scratching fun in the grass!
D– DOG FRIENDLY GUIDE to the Big Apple…what you need to know to visit NYC with your dog!
A–ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER– find out if dogs can get this condition.
Y– is for YES! The answer to the question, Would Wag the Dog UK make me want to wag, if I had a tail?
S — is for Switzerland, where Trina, Maggie and the gang live!

I hope you stop by and visit Wag the Dog UK and say hello and Happy Holidays!