The Stories Behind the Animals in the Book

Animals help us in so many amazing ways. I loved meeting all the different kids and animals in The Dog in the Dentist Chair….and other true stories of animals who help, comfort and love kids, so I thought I’d catch up with them a year later, and find out what they’re doing now. First up today, is MONTY!  Here is Monty on the pages of the book.

Monty is a black lab mix service dog, the mobility support dog for Faith Shepherd, who lives in Illinois This year Faith and Monty started high school. We caught up with Faith and asked her about how things are going with Monty, and how she’s doing as a highschooler.

Writer’s Dog- What grade were you in when you got Monty?

Faith Shepherd- I got Monty at the end of 4th grade.

WD- How does Monty help you in school?

FS- Monty helps me get around the building. He helps me go up and downstairs, he helps me get off of the ground, and he acts as a support as I walk around

WD- What is the biggest challenge for Monty?

FS- Ignoring other dogs and people! Just like us, he gets distracted by other kids or dogs, but we work around it.

WD- What is the reaction of other kids to Monty?

FS- Other kids think he’s really adorable and really funny because occasionally he will sigh in class! Most of the kids’ reactions are, “Awww!” and “He’s so cute!”

WD- What are some changes for you and Monty as a team, now that you are in high school?

FS- One of the biggest change for us is the extent we have to get around. I have classes on different floors of the building, and before I only had classes in one hallway of the building.

WD- What extracurriculars are you doing this year? Does Monty join you?

FS- I am in earth club, math team, Court Singers, (a singing group that is connected to chorus) and I am in my freshman class senate as the treasurer, and Monty is my vice treasurer!

WD- Does Monty have a favorite class?

FS- I think Monty’s favorite class in my choir class because the classroom is typically cold, and he likes a cold floor to sleep on, and I believe he enjoys our singing!

WD- What do you think high school would be like without Monty?

FS- I feel like it would be a lot more stressful. He helps me feel safe, as he’s there to help me get around easier, and reduce my risk of me falling or hurting myself.

Faith receives an award, with Monty at her side.

WD- What is Monty’s personality?

FS- Monty is very stubborn. My mom says he’s just like me, but I would disagree. Monty is very outgoing and loves attention, he knows just how to get people to pay attention to him and give him affection. He is also very smart, I mean he did pass service dog school!

WD- How do you think Monty would describe your personality?

FS- I think Monty would also say I’m stubborn because if he’s refus

ing to do something, I will wait there until he does what I need him to do. He would probably think I’m crazy because I don’t think he understands half of the things I do!

WD- What are you hoping to do when you graduate high school?

FS- I want to go into climatology or something that involves math and science since these are my two favorite subjects.

WD- What would you and Monty like to tell other kids about service animals?

FS- Monty and I would say don’t hesitate to ask the service animals handlers’ questions! If you want to know more about me or Monty, we are both more than willing to talk to you and answer your questions.

Thank you Faith and Monty, and have a great school year!

Check back for more updates from other animals in the book.


A book for kids about animals who help kids. 

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