In honor of Senior Dog Month, I just had to share this sweet story about Midge. Diane Komp writes for Daily Guideposts and this story was posted on the Our Prayer website.

Blessings Shared

by Diane Komp For years, some friends of mine have had a wonderful Labrador retriever named Midge. One evening I was in their home for dinner and found that they had added a young toy poodle to their household. I was surprised to find how affectionate the relationship between the old dog and the new one was. Wherever they went, Midge was following the younger Monsieur. They almost seemed to be touching, they stayed so close to each other. Then I looked at Midge’s venerable old eyes. They were clouded with cataracts. She was blind, and Monsieur was her Seeing Eye dog! The image of those two dogs has never left my heart. We were put in the world to share our gifts, to know when to give and when to receive. And I need to remember to be able to be both—giver and receiver.*Thank you to Diane for this story. This story originally appeared in Daily Guideposts. You will find the story and more on Our Prayer website.