Have you been k9kamping with us? If not, it’s never too late! You can join in at any time. Just look for our next challenge, tomorrow, and then complete the exercise on your own time over the course of the week.

How did Kelly, Brooks and I do this week?
Well this one was a little, uh, challenging. Not so much in the execution. But challenging to remind myself to do something fun and creative and energetic with the dogs, for a minute or so, several times a day. We tended to do better doing one thing for several minutes, a couple times a day. But nevertheless, all those minutes added up whether they were spaced far apart of lumped together.

 What we did:
 1. Chase-– Brooks especially loves this game. He gets down into the play bow, then he hops like a kangaroo! He looks so young when he is playing!

2. Fetch-– Okay, the old standby never fails. I can’t stop doing this after just one minute. Brooks could do it forever. He walks around with a tennis ball in his mouth ALL DAY (except for when Kelly steals it away.)

Yowwwwll! Mom do I hafta share toys with Brooks?

3.  Dog Referee—Does this count? We started introducing toys into the house, previously banned because Kelly claimed all toys as her own, even new ones bought just for Brooks, and there were too many fights erupting. Now we have gradually introduced toys again, trying to make sure that Kelly and Brooks each have something they enjoy playing with. Kelly is still a bit too worried about whatever Brooks has (99% of the time it’s a tennis ball) even if she has the EXACT same toy. So I did a lot of running around picking up toys, throwing toys, putting away toys, playing with toys, making sure everyone had exactly equal amount of play time and Mom time and all…yeah, I think that counts.

Overall we got in more than 10 minutes of fun, creative play around the house.


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