Steve and Jack. Look at Jack now!

 When Steve Pelletier adopted his
7- year-old yellow lab, Jack, the dog weighed 105 lbs. and was on Prozac (for
anxiety and hyperactivity) and Rimadyl (pain reliever, often for arthritis). Jack was considered unadoptable- he’d been in the shelter for over a year before Steve and his family took a chance on him and devoted themselves to helping Jack reach a healthy weight.

Steve’s story immediately touched me, for several reasons. One, because my husband and I had a yellow lab named Hudson who became obese. At the time, we didn’t have the understanding we should about Hudson’s diet and activity level. (Because I was then 30 lbs overweight myself, I hadn’t made health and fitness a personal priority either.) And second, through my book Dieting with my Dog, I aim to inspire others to become fit and healthy with their pets, too.

If only I’d had Steve’s app, SlimDoggy! I would have had a hands on, user friendly tool to guide me through everything I needed to know to help Hudson.

SlimDoggy is a mobile app which helps pet parents fight
canine obesity and have happy and healthy dogs.
The SlimDoggy App contains a calorie database of about 2,000
dog foods and allows for the tracking of the dog’s activity each day. You
can input the amount of food you feed them each day, their activity
levels, and SlimDoggy tells you automatically whether you are overfeeding or underfeeding. You never again have to guess how much to feed your dog!

Measuring my dog’s food is one of the healthy habits I learned on my
journey that helped our next dog after Hudson–our spaniel-mix, Kelly– achieve success and take off 
6 pounds and regain her girlish figure! SlimDoggy encourages pet parents to measure their dog’s food as well (they even have a special SlimDoggy measuring cup in their store!)

Jack’s tale is a success story. By understanding his dog’s individual needs, Steve helped Jack slim down to 85 pounds in 3 months time. Jack is off both
medications, and is now a happy and healthy dog– his behavioral problems
disappeared as fast as his excess weight! And he loves to run with Steve!

Nearly half the dog in the U.S. are overweight or obese. SlimDoggy App tracks activities by intensity level, daily activity time, activity type, duration and distance, or through GPS. Their database contains dog food, snacks and people food (e.g. bacon) or you can add custom food. An “auto feed”
function sets up a normal feeding so that you can set it
and forget it.

SlimDoggy is committed to addressing
both the dog obesity problem and the dog abandonment problem in the US. They donate a portion of their ongoing revenue to dog rescue organizations.

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We use SlimDoggy. Here are screen shots from the SlimDoggy accounts I set up for Brooks and Kelly!