Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

* Would you lick a pet bandage? This past Saturday, if you did, you won a t-shirt and $1.00 donated in your name to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race for a Cure fund. Nurtured Pets, makers of Anti Lick Strip Prevent bandages, hosted the “Lick the Strip Challenge” at the Because Your Dog Is Worth It Too event in Cranbury NJ. The bandages, designed to prevent dogs from licking wounds etc., are coated with cayenne pepper, clove oil, and oregano.

*Where does your dog ride in the car? USA Today reports that 60% of dog owners drive while distracted by their unrestrained dog as passenger.

*Yet another pet food recall–this time Beef Filet Squares and Texas Hold ’ems dog treats by Merrick Pet Care. If you have questions, call 1-800-664-7387

*And now for your laugh for today. Little short legs impede this Corgi’s graceful dives as he executes what can only be called Corgi-flops.