Hi and welcome to Monday’s Pet Roundup.

* Remember the days of a poster on the telephone pole to help locate a lost pet? Now, technology comes to the rescue with microchips, GPS devices, and even web-based social sites.

*Doctor, heal thyself. But if you are a human physician, don’t try to diagnose your pet. Doolittler author Patty Khuly contributes this article in USA Today about why some animals should not be treated like humans, in terms of medical care.

*Do you take your dog everywhere with you? Or do you think dogs don’t belong in libraries, stores, coffee shops? Read two opposing views, from the New York Times.

*Lawyers for animals?

*Check out this adorable video on Dogster blog. Assistance Dog even helps get cash from the ATM!

Stop by and tell me something about your pet today. Do you take your pet everywhere with you? (or would you, if you could?!)