Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

Fleck is an adorable Basset/Boxer. But he needs your help! His owner suffered a level 4 brain aneurysm in December, and is still in the hospital. A Dog’s Life announces a fund is set up to help provide for Fleck’s care, and another rescue dog, while his owner is unable.

If you love to blog about pets, BlogPaws conference is not to be missed. April 9 &10 in Columbus Ohio. More than a dozen great speakers including authors, veterinarians, bloggers, pet experts and PR and social media experts.

I happened to notice a television show called Toddlers and Tiaras, where four and five year olds compete in beauty contests. If this weren’t unsettling enough, at this particular pageant the prize for the three top winners were—puppies! Whoever thought that was a good idea?? Shelters and rescue homes screen families carefully, yet these pups were just handed off. And, the show didn’t say how old they were, but they looked like they barely had their eyes open.

This adorable dog Wyatt saved his owner! From Dogster’s for the love of Dog Blog. Also on Dogster’s blog, a great Interview with the talented folk from Draw the Dog.

Great cause. From Navy Times, group offers temporary homes to military pets.

From Martha Stewart, how to make a pet travel cushion.