Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

* My dog Kelly was having her ear checked out this weekend (poor Kelly!) and the vet reminded me of the ongoing pet food recall for Iams and Eukanuba. The salmonella risk can effect humans too, so please be sure to check if you have these brands of food and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The Iams number to call if you have any questions is: 877-340-8823.

* I love this post from WebMD. A study by scientists at Vienna and Oxford universities conclude that dogs imitate people. The research was conducted on dogs opening sliding glass doors. My dog doesn’t imitate that, but she does copy my excitement for ice cream!

* If you’re expecting a new little one (of the human kind), don’t forget to prepare your dog for the new baby.

* Going on vacation? If you need to make arrangements for your pet, this can help: Get 10% off of petsitting services with Fetch! Pet care.

* Also, more people are rethinking the safety of bringing dogs and cats on airplane cargo areas after the recent tragedies. CNN offers tips for flying with your pet.

* Can cats and dogs get along? This Mercury New column by Gary Bogue features letters from readers sharing stories about their cats, dogs, summer walks and gardens.

What about you? Do your pets imitate you? And do your cats and dogs get along?