Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

* Barking. Our dog Kelly barks at cats, squirrels and the mailman. But I’m talking about chronic, excessive barking. The kind the neighbor dogs practice. Left out for excessive amounts of time, these dogs bark due to boredom, fear, or discomfort. I feel sorry for these dogs and their quality of life. And also mine! What can I do? Barkingdogs.net suggests various ways to quiet your neighbor’s barking dog including:
1. the infamous anonymous note
2. the face to face approach
3. uploading a video of the dog to YouTube
4. contacting authorities

* I think most cats would love to get loose in the big outdoors, but dangers such as pests, diseases and predators make for a scary wide world. According to writer Franny Syufi from About.com, there are ways to get your kitty some sunshine:
1. Just carry kitty in your arms
2. try training to a leash
3. tote in a stylish cat carrier
4. invest in some mega outdoor play areas

* I don’t know why this man ignored his painful (and odoriferous) toe for so long but according to CBS.com, his terrier Kiko is credited with saving the man’s life. Kiko apparently sniffed out life-threatening diabetes and chewed off the tip of the toe. I guess it’s a good thing the man was passed out drunk at the time.

* What is the most-taught dog trick? According to an informal Internet search, it’s the “Get Me a Beer” trick. Extra points if the dog recycles and closes the refrigerator door.
(Maybe Kiko performed this trick a few too many times for his owner.)

What about you? Do you have a solution for barking neighbor dogs? Does your cat like to go outside? And have you taught your dog the Fetch me a Beer/Mt. Dew/Diet Coke trick?