Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

Here’s Kelly with her trick, “Say your Prayers.” Did you know that January is National Train Your Dog Month? There are many places to get information on how to train your pet. Classes from local experts, books, pet stores. In addition, the Internet offers many resources that can help.

Over at Pet Central, you’ll find a training exercise per day of the month of January. Actually, each day contains three or four tasks. This would take a fair amount of time and dedication each day, but you can probably go at your own speed (and your dog’s!)

To learn more about clicker training, check out Click Flicks.

I’ve interviewed Animal Planet host Joel Silverman, and recommend his website with training tips, Companions for Life.

And here are some popular dog training blogs:

Ahisma Dog Training

Behind the Behavior

Fearful Dogs

Pam’s Dog Academy

Kelly could use some more training, which really means that I should work with her more consistently. One of her challenges is coming inside consistently when called (chasing squirrels, smelling that great smell, etc. take precedence.) What are your training challenges? How are you working to resolve them?