Hi and Welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

*Today is the kickoff day for Be the Change for Pets second cause, helping provide food and supplies to animal shelters around the world. Check out all the ways you can become involved in the Dog Days of Summer Pet Food Drive.

* How about freezing kibble, apples, and dog treats into a Popsicle, sticking on a stake in the ground and giving your dog a cool treat? Yes, Pet Connection tells us, there really is such an invention: Kool Dogz.

* More cool summer treats for pets from Pet Blog: Cooling Dog Bandana, Cooling Dog Bed, and Chilly Bone!

* Cat owners should be aware of the Feline’s Pride cat food recall. Dancing Dog Blog has expanded and updated information.

* You wouldn’t knowingly buy a pet from a puppy mill. But with Internet advertising, how do you know what you’re getting into? Number One: a reputable breeder will not sell you a puppy without meeting you first. Edie, from Will My Dog Hate Me, shares this and other tips on how to recognize puppy mill purveyors on the Internet.

* Most of us are aware of the puppy mill situation, but what horses? Pet News and Views highlights an article by Laura Allen of Animal Law Coalition describing circumstances of dehydration, cruelty and death in wild horse round ups.

And now, your smile for the day. “No, I haven’t seen your lipstick. Why?” Check out the photo from Cute Overload.

On the serious side, have you found a way to support or highlight an important pet cause? And on the light side, does your dog or cat (or bird, horse, parrot) like the water? I’d love to hear about a cat who swims in the pool!