Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

*Technology is constantly surprising me. PC World reports on a New iphone app that “translates” your dogs barks and then “tweets them out to the world”! Right now my dog would be tweeting zzzzzzz.

* More technology news from engadget: Dog e-Minder to record the last time your pet was walked, ate, or took its medication. Do we really need this?

*And finally, My Pet Speaker allows pets to listen to your ipod.

*A California man claims his dog was attacked by a mountain lion. Turns out it was a raccoon. This was determined by some highly advanced detective work, noting “the absence of mountain lion tracks (and) the presence of very large raccoon tracks” in the area.

*What was she thinking?! The New York Post reports that a Brooklyn woman, Donna McPherson, left her little Westie dog tied up to a post outside a store while she ran in “for two minutes” to buy milk. Someone stole the $25 coat off the poor little pup’s back. While I agree it’s unspeakable for someone to steal a coat off a dog–I mean, really!–it would have been worse if they stole the dog! I’ve no doubt that she loves her dog, so why risk it?

*Sweet stories on Pet News and Views about how pet lovers met their partners. Dogs, cats and even ferrets helped kindle true love.