Hi and welcome to Monday’s Pet Roundup. Kelly and I are rounding up interesting pet news and websites for you.

* Want to help the efforts in Haiti? A Dog’s Life blog alerts us to the Planet Dog Foundation Fundraiser for Haiti Rescue dogs. Great blog, and a great project.

* If your dog gets rock salt or other de-icing chemicals in its paws, be sure to wash them off with warm water, and remove any ice balls that may be stuck between the toes. Here are some more winter weather tips for your pet. Also, Donna McKinney on Suite101.c0m has tips from the ASPCA and reminds us not to use metal food and water dishes outside, as a dog’s tongue could stick to the metal in extreme temperatures.

*The Shiba Inu puppy cam has returned! Beware, you won’t get anything else done once you click on this!

* I love this blog with some great tips on riding in the car with your dog. A systematic approach to making your dog comfortable includes sitting in the car with the engine off, turning on the engine, and then making a short trip with plenty of praise and rewards for a job well done.

*Is there anything cuter than this wee little hamster in his wee little home, complete with pillows and placemats? You’ve got to see these pictures on adorable pet site, Cute Overload.

*If you missed this amazing dog rescue Friday, you’ve got to see this video, courtesy of Dogster for the love of dog blog. I couldn’t believe how the fireman wrestled the large dog and held onto him while suspended in the air….am so thankful that “Lucky” is now safe.

* Does your pet have a blog? I’m reading blogs by a pug, a sheltie and a bunny! From Purina Petcentric, here’s a listing of more pets who blog!