Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

* Collars on cats–Choking hazard or crucial means of ID? The NYTimes reports on the findings of a new study.

* How about a new source of energy fueled by…ummmm…dog poo. The Miami Herald has the story.

* A less-effective use of dog poo: The Chicago Sun Times reports that a Naperville women got into trouble for exacting creative revenge after her neighbor’s dog left its calling cards on her lawn.

* I have to get off this subject. Okay, here’s a new iphone and ipad app: ilounge reviews “iKnow Dogs HD+” dog breed guide ($8, Alphablind Studios). See how they rate it.

* Finally, for your chuckle for the day, TODAY Pets alerted me to this great site, 103 Pugs in Little Jackets. Irresistible pugs all dressed up for the fall weather. Click and get ready to smile!

What about you? Do you put collars on your cats? Sweaters on your pugs?