Hi and Welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

Before we get to the links, I just had to share this hilarious shortie! This Golden Retriever has concocted the perfect crime!

* With Easter coming, you are probably aware of keeping chocolate bunnies away from your pets. But, Pet Connection blog explains that chocolate may not be as dangerous as you think. Find out what is the biggest Easter hazard to pets, and it’s more dangerous to cats than dogs!

* Pawluxury brings us this recipe for yummy dog stew. No, not made of dog. Made FOR dogs.

* Could your dog make a good therapy dog? Check out these tips to get started from Petfinder.

* Kelly loves interactive dog toys. Dogstar Daily describes some great ones!

* Do dogs get allergies too? Scratching and Sniffing blog has all the info you need on how to spot and treat dog allergies.

* Cute Overload blog’s adorable picture of the week. I just love it when dogs sleep with all four feet up in the air!