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Last week I wrote a blog entry about traveling on planes with your pet. Here is one writer’s opinion of having to fly with pets in the cabin of the plane. I never thought about allergy-sufferers before. Good points.

If you are considering traveling, by plane or otherwise, why not spend your waning summer days at a dog-themed special event, such as the vaudeville style show “Gone to the Dogs” in Texas, or the “Fido Festival” in NJ? Find some great ideas here! Closer to home, have you considered taking your dog out to play in a dog park, but not sure where to locate one? Here’s a listing of dog parks by state.
Can your pet get swine flu? Find out more information here.And, if your pet does become ill, which household remedies are safe? Should you give your dog aspirin? What can you do if your dog has a tummy ache? And what in the world does contact lens solution have to do with this? Read these great tips from Good Morning America’s Dr. Marty Becker. The Washington Post printed this opinion article today: Should you be compensated for emotional loss if your pet is injured?
And finally, do you have a great photo of your dog? Consider entering one of these pet photo contests.Great American Photo Contest
Martha Stewart pets Contest

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