Monday Rufferences and Mews

Twitter is a great social networking tool, but can it really help pets? Absolutely! And Romeo and Dougal would tell you how, but I guess it’s up to their owners to explain. It has something to do with a Twitter event called a Pawpawty, or all day messaging events where tweeple can pledge money to support specific pet causes. You can follow Romeo on @Romeothecat and maybe join in on a Pawpawty soon!

Does the total on your pet’s veterinarian bill look more like a month’s rent? I’m always shocked at how much every little item adds up for my dog Kelly’s routine visits–usually between $100-$200 if immunizations are included. No, I don’t begrudge a single penny spent on her care. But, I’m also searching for ways to economize. One tip is to spend more money on quality pet food. By providing the healthiest, high quality options, you may prevent certain health issues–which means fewer visits to the vet’s. Find out more ways to save here. Although geared for cats, many of the tips apply to dogs also.

Guiness Book of World Records wannabe Boomer (Photo: Associated Press) is hoping to land the record for world’s tallest dog. At 36 inches tall at the shoulder, he just might win. Boomer, a Newfoundland dog, is 180 pounds and 7 feet long. The previous record was held by a Great Dane.

Kelly and I would love to hear from you! What causes would you like to see supported in a pawpawty? And, what are your tips for saving money on pet care?