Welcome to Monday’s Rufferences and Mews!

Could your dog be the next National Spokesdog for Cesar Millan? Why not enter your lovable pooch today? The grand prize winner will appear with Cesar Millan in a public service campaign to educate on spaying and neutering. In addition, they’ll win an autographed pair of Landroller skates and $1000 shopping spree at Petco. Finalists will also be eligible to compete for Best Pack, Most Outrageous Feat, Best Camera Face and Most Hilarious Costume.

It sounds like a Halloween murder mystery: Toxic-choc, or chocolate poisoning. But for dogs, it’s all too real. While we might indulge in a few mini-Hersheys bars or bite size Snickers, it’s important to keep these candies away from our dogs. Years ago, I was given a giant Hersheys kiss–you know, one of those gifts the size of a grapefruit but not as healthy? I placed it safely on a table, but my agile dalmatian found a way to get at it and eat the whole thing. He became extremely sick, but fortunately survived. So remember to hide the treats this Halloween.
The headmaster of my kids’ school brings his dog to work. The auto dealership where we bought our van features several dogs in the office. What’s with this trend for bringing dogs to work? For one thing, dogs are good for our morale. They have a calming effect on people. They also might open up communication. According to an article in K9 magazine, a dog in the office can help your business. The article offers tips on how to implement a dog friendly workplace, and guidelines for proper dog-owner behavior. Maybe it’s time you considered bringing your dog to work!

What category would your dog best win in Cesar Millan’s contest? And why is he offering roller skates for a prize anyway? How do you and your pet celebrate Halloween? And do you bring your dog to work? I’m looking forward to your comments. And check back next Monday for more Rufferences and Mews!