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So it’s September, back to school time for the kids and even some moms and dads. Now ol’ Bowser or playful Casey’s schedule is in for some changes too. After a summer of having family members close at hand during the day (maybe even going on vacation or camping with the family too), many dogs and cats now return to waiting by the front door for that school bus to come down the road. Here’s some suggestions to help when separation anxiety in pets is a problem.

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Think reading is just for the two-legged members of your family? In many communities dogs are getting into the act, as reading buddies for kids.

When you’re away, a home pet sitter seems like an ideal solution. But how do you know they are doing their job? A new business PETZCheckIn lets you know. The service sends you an email, text or phone call to let you know when the pet sitter arrives and leaves. If the sitter doesn’t arrive as scheduled, the service activates your back up plan. What do you think?

Proud you own a rescued pet? Then show it off with these special collars and leashes.
Here are some more designs.

Get your vote in now for the Monroe LA News-Star’s 2009 Pet Idol contest. You can choose from more than 170 cats, dogs and a few other pets. Voting ends September 25. View pets here.

Ragdoll. Bombay. American Curl. These are not hairstyles, but breeds of cats. Which one is best for your family?

While you’re at it, why not take this quiz: What kind of cat are you?

Is a hamster a good pet for you? Oh My Apartment blogs about hamsters as apartment pets. One point to keep in mind: they’re nocturnal. (ie: squeak, squeak, scratch, scamper all night!)

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