Hi, and welcome to Monday’s Ruffs and Mews!

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Author and blogger Dorien Grey of Dorien Grey and Me admits to liking both, but falling slightly on the side of dogs. I have to agree. We had cats in my family when I was growing up, but my husband and I have always owned–and loved–dogs. What about you?

Speaking of cats and dogs, I just read a cute article in December’s Catnip Chronicles, entitled Children as Pets by Moggies. It begins, “Have you ever realized that children are like dogs, but teenagers are like cats?” Be sure to read the rest to find out how! And, while you’re at it, why not subscribe to Catnip Chronicles, tons of great articles in every issue.

Meet America’s Cutest Dog, winner of the All American Pet Company’s Cutest Dog Competition. What breed do you think it is?

golden retriever? poodle? pug?

If you’re traveling over the holidays, what do you do with your pet? Bring him with you? Board her at a kennel? Leave him with a trusted friend or relative? Hire a pet sitter? This is always a problem for us with Kelly. She has separation anxiety issues. Here’s an option: host families that are screened, and ready to take your pet into their homes. If we found a family Kelly bonded with, this could be a viable solution.

52% of pet owners buy their cats and dogs Christmas gifts. L.A. Unleashed has more.

What about you? Do you board your dog over the holidays? Or have you found a different solution? What are you planning on giving your pet for Christmas? And, are you a cat person or a dog person? Or both?! And join us next Monday for more Ruffs and Mews.