Do you know how to do CPR…on your dog? Could you administer mouth-to-mouth…to your cat?

April, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, is the perfect time to brush up on your first aid skills and learn the valuable procedures that could save the life of your pet. You might check with your local veterinarian for classes or lessons.

Or, website 910 Pets offers instructions on canine and feline CPR.

If you need a more hands-on approach, consider lessons from Pet Tech, a training center dedicated to First Aid, CPR and care for dogs and cats. They offer two levels of training. The Pet Saver class is an eight hour course to teach you how to assess your pet’s health, rescue breathing on pets, shock management, canine and feline CPR, and more. The Pet Tech Instructor training is a three-day program which extends the scope of the Pet Saver class, and teaches you how to teach others about pet first aid and CPR. You can find a Pet Tech instructor in your area.

The American Veterinary Medical Association also offers first aid tips for pet owners.
However you do it, take the time to learn first aid for your pet. I hope you’ll never need to use it, but you’ll be glad you’re prepared, just in case.