Hi, Kelly here! Since today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, Mom said I could write the blog post. I’m so excited I can’t stop wagging. I might even let my new brother Brooks add a woof or two.

Since Mom works from home I get to be her office-mate every day. My ordinary role is making her take about 800 breaks to play with us. Hey, it’s the least I can do. But today, I get to help her work too!

First we check the email. Sometime there are important work assignments. Sometimes Mom gets an acceptance letter from an editor. That always makes her really happy. I say, yeah yeah, yeah…Just get to the good stuff like free dog food samples and toys to test.

Then we visit some blogs. Today I get to check in on some of my friends: Puddles, Frankie, Pip, Benny, Lily, Kol, Sherman, Leroy, Snoopy, Bunny, Suka, Honey, Shiva, Bella, Augie, Ty, George…I don’t mean to leave anyone out, I hope you know that I love visiting you all. Mom has lots of other great blogs on her list, too.

The rest of the day Mom spends writing articles, interviewing people, and  working on a new book. (Hint: it’s a true story about an animal, but this time it’s not a dog!) It’s pretty boring stuff to me, so I won’t go into detail. Instead,  it’s time for Brooks to say hello.

Brooks: Hi! I’m new to the household but I already think I’m a pretty lucky boy. Sometimes I wonder if Kelly really wants me here, but I figure if I’m really, really good I’ll win her over. Anyway, my work day with Mom is pretty sweet. I follow her around to make sure she’s doing everything right. That’s my job. I also pester her to let me in, out, in, out, in, out. And to throw tennis balls for me.

Okay, back to me, Kelly. In case you were wondering, Mom does feed us during the day too. And, in turn we get her up out of her desk chair for a walk or two during the day. Yup, it’s a pretty regular, routine day of work for the most part…but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Did you go to work with your mom or dad today? I hope you had as great a day as we did!