You’re supposed to jump OVER it Kelly, not sit on it!

Here it is, our fourth Koly and Kelly K9Kamp Fitness Challenge sponsored by us and Kol’s Notes.  Only one more to go! How are you holding up? Remember, you don’t have to complete every week to participate. Even if you are just dropping by for the first time, I hope you join in today and have fun with your dog!

Today’s Challenge is
Jump! Jump! Everybody Jump!
Kelly loves to jump!
Keep reading for how to do this challenge.
1. Warm up with a brisk walk.

2. Gather supplies: a step about 6 to 10 inches high for yourself, and something for your dog to jump over. Determine the appropriate size object based on your dog’s size and ability.

3. Stand in front of the curb (if you have one handy!). With your dog, step up on the curb, with your right foot then left, then back down, keeping a quick pace. Keep the leash tight, asking your pup to follow you up onto the curb each time. Time yourself for a two minutes at a fast pace.

*CHALLENGE NOTE: Kelly won’t step up and down at a brisk pace, and just tangles my feet! If your dog is like this, perhaps substitute a tug game, or something your dog likes to do with you.

4. Race your dog to the end of the yard/field/street to get your heart rates up, then race back to your kamping spot.

5. Direct your pet to sit in front of you or beside you, whichever is more comfortable. With your right foot, step up onto the curb.

6. Raise your left knee to waist.

7. Step back down,  and repeat. Once you find your rhythm, direct your dog to do “Puppy Pushups” (Sit-Down-Stand) giving one command per step. Time yourself for a two minutes at a quick pace.

*CHALLENGE NOTE: Again, if your dog is like Kelly and doesn’t respond to a series of commands quickly, try to improvise or a substitution that works for you. 

8. Change legs and repeat!

9. Race your dog to the end of the yard/field/street to get your heart rates up, then race back to your kamping spot.

** This may be a good place to break up you challenge and continue the next part on another day. Remember, you can break your challenge into smaller segments (4 15-minutes, for example) to make it easier. 

10. Put out your obstacle in the center of your space, Get a running start and direct your dog to jump over the obstacle, then lay down. Jump along with them! Bend into it with your knees, jump as high as you can. When you land, squat as low as comfortable before releasing your dog from the down continuing to jog/run to the other end of your space.

** Tricky here, if your dog keeps running and you are still jumping. Start off slow to see how your dog responds. Be sure not to let the leash pull at your dog’s collar. (Don’t use a training/choke collar)

I’ve had enough, Mom!

*** If this is too difficult, omit the lay down step and just run and jump over the obstacle. Make sure the obstacle is appropriate for you and your dog! (True: my husband once tripped over the LOWEST hurdle in agility with our dalmatian, and scraped all the skin off his leg and got a pretty bad injury!)

11. Turn around, and complete the jumping obstacle again. Continue to jump the obstacle for two minutes at a brisk pace.

12. Repeat until you run out of time. Try to challenge yourself to work harder each time you start an exercise over!

Now, how about another contest?! This prize package is awesome! Includes a leather leash and collar set from Doggie Stylish, toys, treats and more! Check out my next post too for images of each of the prizes! Good luck!!

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