I was so excited when FURminator contacted me and offered a trial of their new at home grooming tools. When I tested the FURminator deshedding tool last year, I was amazed by the product! I now use it regularly and it really helps keep Kelly’s undercoat under control.

Now Furminator is introducing a new grooming line that includes nail clippers, nail grinders, slicker brushes, rakes, combs, dual brushes and curry brushes.
They include:
* bendable, FUR-flex necks
* ergonomic durable grip handles
* anti-microbial additives

The tools can be used as part of FURminator’s recommended 2-Step Grooming Process, which encourages brushing first to detangle and smooth fur, and combing second to smooth and extract debris, mats and tangles. We received a small soft slicker brush

and a small finishing comb.

Look at how much hair came out~

  What did we think of FURminator grooming tools?
*easy to use
*gentle on the dog
* dog seemed to enjoy the grooming
*removed loose hair and snarls easily

I even think the price, $17.99 and $19.99 is fair for the quality of durability of the product.

Doesn’t she look relaxed?

The best part was how much Kelly enjoyed the experience. Now, she doesn’t usually enjoy being groomed, so this is saying a lot. I think it was because the teeth didn’t pull her fur or scratch her skin.
“Our new product line offers gentle, safe and durable tools that will expand pet owner options to groom efficiently and effectively,” says Cathy Heimberger, FURminator’s marketing director.

These new products are sold at pet specialty stores and are also available online at www.FURminator.com.

—Based in metropolitan St. Louis, FURminator was founded in 2002 by husband and wife team David and Angela Porter. S For more information on FURminator, visit www.FURminator.com.