Okay, I’m not saying I’m old but…I got my first pair of bifocals today. And I’m having a lot of trouble getting used to them. I never had to wear glasses before and I may be in denial but, the reading glasses the optometrist prescribed for me five years ago aren’t really necessary. I can see the print on the pages just fine if I hold the book far enough away.

Since I write full time, I’m spending most of my day looking back and forth from the computer monitor to my notes. But I need a different strength lens for reading than I do for viewing my computer screen. Swapping out two different pairs of glasses isn’t an option. Thanks to good ol’ Ben Franklin I now have this funny looking vision correction contraption with a funky line across the middle. When I want to use my computer, I have to bend my neck down to look only out of the top of the glasses. And to see my notes sitting on my desk, I must only look out of the bottom part of the glasses. When I look straight ahead, it seems that neither the top nor the bottom is in focus.

The optometrist assures me I’ll get used to it. But she warned me not to walk anywhere while wearing my new bifocals. Well, rooted to my computer, I should be able to get a lot of work done. If only I could see what I’m doing.