I like the new year…getting organized, new beginnings and all. And new year’s resolutions! Here are mine:

1. Blogging– to focus on content. To think, in what ways can I help or inspire others? Instead of falling back on easy posts, what do I really want to say? I hope to make Peggy’s Pet Place in 2013 worth your valuable time to read.

2. Pet Parenting– to spend more quality time just appreciating each dog. The dogs are both seniors, and I don’t want to look back with any regrets because I was too busy. Those times when we’re snuggled together on my big green chair and Kelly is curled on the back of my chair around my neck, and Brooks is keeping my feet warm…those are the best.

3. Writing– to get my third book published (my agent has it out on submission now, and several publishing houses are considering it.) and to complete my fourth book. This may be either about someone wonderful in the pet world or a novel, depending upon if I can work things out with said person I’d like to write about. (It’s a secret for now!)

4. Health- same old same old: to lose weight and get fit. After Dieting with my Dog (thanks Kelly!) I’ve gone through the Big M, and regained a few pounds and I now need to figure out what works for my body now that it’s all changed. One big goal is to drink more water, which is a habit that always seems to go out the window after about 3 days.

How about you?