Let’s see, Petey’s at the door. What has he come home with?

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Petey! Not the garden!

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 Oh, Petey!

Yup, Petey’s digging up flowers and bringing home who-knows-what again! Whatever Petey brings home with him, though, it shouldn’t be fleas and ticks, right? So we tried out this Seresto collar from Chewy.com. All we had to do was put it on once, and it provides eight months of flea and tick protection. That’s great, because we were always forgetting to apply our dog’s topical treatment every month. If we missed just once, that’s all it took to get those pesky bugs biting. We love that we can put this collar on the dogs and know they’ll be protected month after month.

My dogs have had Lyme disease before and I haven’t found alternate methods of tick control that have worked for me. Seresto is a good choice for those who opt to use a chemical treatment because the ingredients are released slowly in low concentrations from the collar to the dog. Active ingredients are Flumethrin and Imidacloprid. Best of all we’ve had no problem with fleas and ticks that cause discomfort and spread disease to our dogs.

So whenever Petey plays in the back yard or at the park, I know he may be naughty and come home with a few things he shouldn’t…but he won’t be coming home with fleas and ticks.

Image result for musical notes Seresto…seresto….seresto  Image result for musical notes

OH Petey! Not the neighbor’s bikini!

Full Disclosure: We are #ChewyInfluencers. We were provided one Seresto collar in exchange for our honest review. This in now way influenced our decision. Opinions here are 100% my own.