Around midnight last night I climbed into bed, exhausted after another busy day. Kelly curled up in her little bed on the floor, Ike curled up in his bigger bed on the floor (or sometimes, Kelly in the big bed, Ike in the little bed). My husband turned out the lights and moved toward our bed. Everyone in place…peaceful…

The moment the room went dark, the peaceful scene changed. The dogs must assume that we can’t see, hear or feel them in the dark. Kelly jumped up onto one side of the bed. Ike jumped onto the other. He sprawled out across the middle of the bed. Kelly scratched the covers to make the perfect nest. Our bedroom is not large, but by the time my husband took the few steps from the lightswitch to the bed, there was but a tiny space left for him to crawl into.
Ike had his head on the pillow, too.

I like having Kelly and Ike sleep on our bed, in theory, but it doesn’t always work out! I’m not worried about germs, my blankets can be laundered. I like the idea of a nice warm dog curled up by my feet. But more often than not, they hog the bed, become dead weight and impossible to budge, and steal the covers.

I think our new pillow cases say it all!

Are you like me, conflicted because you enjoy the idea of having the dog on the bed, but not enjoying the aches and pains that result from being contorted in awkward positions to fit in the space left by your dog? Or do you have a “dogs off the bed” policy…and a good night’s sleep? Or somehow have you found the key to having it all?!