Once upon a time, Matt Whyman enjoyed the quiet life in the English countryside. Whyman was content taking care of four challenging children, a wolf-like dog, and an anxious cat. But his wife, thriving on the chaos that a big brood can bring, needed something more. And when she discovered the existence of a pig that can fit inside a purse – the trendy pet celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Posh and Becks carry around – their lives changed forever.

With the addition of not one, but two mini-pigs to their already diverse clan, The Whyman family could not anticipate the ruckus those two little squealers would cause.

Oink; My life with mini-pigs by Matt Whyman (Simon & Schuster) is funny, touching, and friendly. When the mini pigs join the family they live NOT outside in a shelter, but in the house! In the chapter, “How Much Trouble Can they Be?” Whyman confides to a friend about the exhausting schedule of  potty training piglets, keeping their ever-expanding bellies full, and competing for space on the couch.
Eventually Butch and Roxi find home in a proper sty outside, with conditional visiting rights inside the house.

Throughout the book there is always the underlying fear that Butch and Roxi aren’t going to make it to the end. Maybe Whyman’s wife will change her mind when she discovers they’re no longer tiny enough to carry around in a purse. Maybe the children will grow tired of their noisy, messy housemates. Maybe Wyman’s friend Tom will haul the pigs off to the butcher. But, truth be told, there is a happy ending to the piggy tale, and you’ll be glad you stuck around for the fun.

For anyone who loves a pet…no matter how messy.

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