When I was a young girl, we’d visit my grandparents in Springfield Vermont for the holidays. What I remember most about those visits is not the presents under the tree or the special holiday meal my grandmother prepared…but i loved discovering the Milkbones my grandfather had wrapped in holiday paper and set in the branches of the festively-lit tree. He let me take one down and toss it to his beloved black lab, Dinah, who tore off the paper with her teeth and gobbled up the treat. It delighted me so much to see this tangible way he cared for this dog. At that time, pet parents were “owners” and dogs were dogs, not furkids. It warmed my heart that my grandfather considered Dinah to be a part of the family.

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My dogs Ernest and Petey are part of our family. I suspect that is true for most of you who read this blog. And because we love them so much, we include them in our holiday celebrations. We hang stockings for Ernest and Pete, wrap presents for them and include them in our Christmas cards. What are some of the ways you include your pets in your holiday traditions and celebrations?

Here are some of our dogs over the years, doing their part to help with the festivities. Merry Christmas!