Well, here she is, all trimmed and groomed!
The groomer from TransFURmations arrived in her mobile grooming van. She made friends with Kelly right away. Kelly loves her!
When I clipped on her leash, Kelly thought she was taking a walk, so she preferred the idea of strolling the neighborhood than getting into the big van. Next time I’ll take her on a nice walk before the grooming session, that way she’ll have the reward of a romp and she’ll be tired out before the groom.
I sat on the floor of the van while Melissa worked. Kelly tried to get away repeatedly, but she wasn’t overly stressed. In the past–at a different grooming place– she’d been stressed to the point of bursting the blood vessels in her eyes, so this was a wonderful relief!
Melissa is efficient and extremely capable. I loved watching her work the clippers. She brushed and stripped the hair for nearly an hour, I think, while piles of soft tan hair fell to the floor. Although Kelly is mostly sable and brown on top, all the undercoat is tan. Then she worked on those Clydesdale legs, with some electric clippers. I love the way Kelly’s legs looked when Melissa was done! After some snips here and there, clipping the toenails, shaping the long fur on the tail, etc. Kelly was transFURmed!
After a couple of previous bad experiences with other grooming places, this experience is a total joy! Grooming Kelly had always been a problem, and now Melissa is a happy solution.
She has given me faith that there are nice people out there, who care about the job they do, who do a good job at a fair price, who want to help dogs and their owners out of a pure true love for animals.
What I Learned From My Dog: We can tolerate uncomfortable situations. And sometimes, we even come out the better for it.