Although this began a sad, sad story, I’m bringing you today a story of hope and compassion. A story with the promise of a future. And hopefully, the story of a miracle. Perfect for this season of the year.

I don’t want to dwell upon the heinous circumstances that brought Patrick to this point in life. Many of you have heard or read that the emaciated pit bull was dumped down the trash chute and left to die. I’m not going to include the most awful photographs here because when I see them, I feel like I might not stop crying, I can’t even believe I’m looking at something so cruel. Here’s what I do want to say:

* Thank you to the maintenance worker who found this dog on St. Patrick’s day and saw to it that he got help.

* Thank you to the Sweet Avenue Bake Shop for raising funds to help Patrick.

* Thank you to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists who are taking such good care of Patrick. Check out their website to keep updated on Patrick’s recovery.

* Patrick is a strong dog and has a great will to live. (Look at this picture now!)

* Here is where you can send care packages and get well cards.

* Here is where you can make a donation toward Patrick’s care.

* Keep updated on the Facebook page The Patrick Miracle.

* Feel the love. Visit Patrick’s page.

* Don’t forget the positive thoughts and prayers for Patrick.

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