We’ve all heard of blogs that were made into books. Waiter Rant. PostSecret. Julie and Julia.
Here are several pet books that started out as blogs too:

1. I Can Has Cheezburger, A LOLcat colleckshun by Professor Happycat and icanhascheezburger.com.
Check out this book of cat pictures with funny captions. Okay, so I don’t understand the title, but I know this blog has millions of fans! The success of this book has made way for another LOLcat book, How to Take over Teh Wurld.

2. Dear Sparkle: Advice from one Cat to Another by Janiss Garza
This is Sparkle the cat’s advice column to help “distressed felines deal with the problems humans couldn’t solve.” Dear Abby of the feline world!

3. Am I Boring my Dog? by Edie Jarolim
A funny guide to the title question, and “99 other things your dog wishes you knew.”

4. Bad to the Bone; Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger by Bo Hoefinger
“Written by” a golden retriever mix and popular doggie blogger.

5. Cute Overload 365 Days of Impossibly Cute by Meg Frost
While technically not a book, Cute Overload website has expanded into “impossibly cute” page a day desk and wall calendars. With some of the most charming photos of pets anywhere!

So, do you have a pet blog that would make an awesome book? Well, it’s not enough just to write a cool pet blog. You have to have a great following. And you have to know how to submit to agents and publishers. Usually you will need to write a fantastic book proposal first.

This topic was recently discussed at BlogPaws conference. There, a talented panel of authors and marketing experts shared information on their books and tips on how to get your blog published. One piece of advice, from Blogpaws website:

“Janiss (Garza) shared her fabulous book proposal with us. It
was for the second Sparkle the Cat book, and displayed
Sparkle’s whimsy, her wit, and her unique ability to communicate
her cat needs to humans. Janiss was smart to focus on using the success
of Sparkle the Cat’s blog persona to create a book proposal editors fell
in love with. She included pictures of Sparkle – always a plus. That’s not
necessarily the way to go for all books – adding humor and pictures – but
it worked for Janiss because her book is a humorous book about/for
pets and their people.”

Who knows, maybe your pet blog will someday become a book. Or maybe a blog you’re reading now is destined to print. What do you think? Do you know of a pet blog that you’d like to see become a book? Let us know which ones you like!