Welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

*What about the horses? Thought-provoking article on Pet Connection. If you care about horses, you’ll want to read this.

*Some airlines allow small cats and dogs to travel in crates under the passengers’ feet. This is good news for pet owners, however bad news for allergy sufferers. New York Times cites an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal calling for a ban on pets in airline passenger cabins. The doctors write, “Pets can be accommodated comfortably and safely in airplane cargo holds, which is where they belong.” I disagree. I don’t know the solution, but living creatures are not cargo.

*Looking for a “green” pet? Consider a rabbit! The Palo Alto Daily News informs us that rabbits “eat green kitchen trimmings” and their waste can be used for garden compost.

*Recently I wrote a post for Guideposts.com, about presidential pets. While dogs were the most popular, John Quincy Adams owned the most unusual pets: an alligator and silkworms. Forbes magazine reports on some more bizarre “house pets”–a hippo that sleeps on the porch, a black bear that grew to be more than 100 pounds and put holes in the wall, and sharks owned by celebs Nicholas Cage and Ice-T. Most wild and exotic animals, however, do not make good pets.

*Over at The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood, here are top ten reasons to attend BlogPaws conference!

* Did you enjoy the winter Olympics? Dogster for the Love of Dogs blog catches us up with the canine side of the Olympics–the team of dogs trained to rescue victims buried in the snow, in the event of an avalanche. Love those images of the digging dog, nose in the snow!

Looking forward to your thoughts.