Instead of a roundup today, I want to share this wonderful post on PetSmart Charities blog. They’ve been asking readers to tell about how their pets enrich their lives and to share their successful, positive stories of pet adoption to inspire others to consider adopting a homeless pet.

Recently, I was notified that Brooks was to be featured on the PetSmart’s blog. They also sent me a personal note saying that they’d read my blog post and very kindly offered to postpone or withhold posting out of respect for our loss. I responded that the post would be a comfort, and added that I didn’t regret adopting a senior dog, and that while losing a pet is never easy, we still feel lucky to have known him for that year.

Here is the PetSmart Charities link “Senior Dog Turns out to Be Just Right.” I hope others will consider adopting a senior dog. One might just fit your lifestyle, like Brooks did ours. My favorite memory is of sitting in my big green chair with Brooks snuggled up right by my side, head in my lap while I read or worked on my laptop, always one hand stroking his soft ears or neck. A younger, more active dog probably wouldn’t have done that for hours on end!

You can share your dog’s adoption story too.

Here’s a funny picture of Brooks to make you smile:

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