Sometimes I get down on the living room floor and do some exercises, and Kelly climbs all over me and sits on my stomach and licks my face…turns out, we are doing PAWS-ilates!

 PAWS-ilates is a new fitness program you can do with your dog, created by fitness expert Andrea Metcalf. Not intended so much as a doggy workout, but as a way to spend time with your dog and fit fitness into your schedule, too.
Check out this video. This bulldog Wrigley is some serious cute!

paws_v3 from Adam Boettiger on Vimeo

I love the video of her with the bulldog, doing core waist rotations. Kelly is a few pounds over the suggested weight limit for this exercise, but even so I can’t quite imagine her staying still while I twisted and turned. This would be great for a smaller dog who loves to be held, though!

“Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making small changes that lead to big results.” Andrea has been teaching fitness, training clients and coaching on the subjects of nutrition and health for the past 27+ years. “I believe that staying healthy can make you happier…and I am dedicated to motivating others to achieve their personal best life.”
PAWS-ilates DVD:

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions from America’s Fitness Coach
  • Spend time with your pup after a long day at work
  • Stand taller and firm your waistline
  • Your pet will like it as much as you!
  • Learn simple exercises that shape your shoulders and tone your legs
  • Your pet will love the massage
  • Relax and enjoy time with your pet